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Sukuk: Islamic Bonds and Securitisations

The use of sukuk (Islamic bonds and asset securitisations) to access the financing side of capital markets, and as a backbone element in the development of Islamic capital markets, is one of the fastest growing areas of Islamic finance. Most issuances to date have been bond structures that are ultimately dependent upon a sovereign credit. However, the use of sukuk is rapidly expanding into other areas, including

(a) project, infrastructure and real estate financings;
(b) corporate financings;
(c) investment funds of all types; and
(d) true asset securitisations.

Illustrative of the perceived importance of sukuk to the field of Islamic finance, the Islamic Financial Services Board has undertaken an initiative to examine different categories of issues relating to the use of sukuk as the backbone for the finance side of Islamic capital markets.

15-17 Nov 2015, Dubai

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