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Enemies are hatching conspiracies against Islam, says Grand Mufti

“Khawarij (those who withdrew from the mainstream Islam) are still among the sects of Muslims,” the Grand Mufti stated during annual Hajj sermon.   He said those who spread anarchy in a society are ‘khawarij’. 
He said deviation from Islamic teachings is also one of the reasons for the problems faced by us and the media of Muslim countries should play its role for raising the flag of Islam in the world  Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh said that killing an innocent person is the biggest cruelty as it has been described in Islam that "killing an innocent person is equal to killing all the humanity." 
Leaders of the Muslim countries should work together for unity and progress of Muslim Ummah.  It is era of conspiracies, he added.  The Grand Mufti said that Islam is easiest of religions, religion of humanity, based on truth and justice. It contains principles for entire life. 
He said the Holy Quran has declared Muslims the best of all Ummahs because it preaches nobility and stops from wrongdoings. 
Sheikh Abdul Aziz appealed to the religious scholars to promote the true teachings of Islam and invite the people towards the path shown by Quran and Sunnah. He urged Muslims to spread love and humanity.

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