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Tawreeq launches Shari'ah Compliant Supply Chain Finance Platform

Supply chain finance is a well-developed concept in mature markets and has been successful in providing the support required by SMEs to grow. Tawreeq takes an innovative approach to the concept, addressing the region’s credit gaps through Shari'ah-compliant factoring, reverse-factoring and ethical management of the entire cycle of supply chain finance.  

 SMEs make up as much as 90 per cent of the businesses in the region and employ the vast majority of workers. But they face massive challenges in managing their cash flow and getting the working capital they need.

Tawreeq tackles those challenges through cash-flow tools known as factoring and reverse factoring. Factoring is a short-term cash-flow solution in which a business sells its accounts receivable for a nominal fee while reverse-factoring entails the extension of payment terms of buying corporates to match it with their receivables.
Tawreeq has worked closely with Amanie Advisors- , the global Islamic finance advisors, to ensure Shari'ah compliance and certification of its products and processes. Tawreeq’s operating units are also licensed and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), Luxembourg and the Department of Economic Development of Dubai.

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